I’m Jay Inman, Exploring possibility of being a candidate for the Colorado Springs City Council

At-Large election in April, 2023.

The Church Voter Guide for the 2021 City District election – Answers by candidates


Declaration and Contract with our city.

My politics are simple in our increasingly complex city and country: Protect the Innocent, Defend the Defenseless, and Rescue the poor from Wickedness. I’ve been misquoted on this statement in multiple news organs but it is from Psalm 82: 3-4, and tells me what my politics should be.

I am running for City Council in order to help apply this word in Colorado Springs.

My Four Main Tenets are:

  1. The 2020s will be the decade about energy for Colorado Springs. The next decade will see us focus on grid security, grid stability, electricity distribution, and diversity of power generation. The first key is to make sure citizens have electricity when they turn on their lights. That means resilience and reliability can not be magically waved off by various agendas to retain a stable electrical grid. The second key is to ensure electricity generation does NOT increase the percentage of household budget that our families must pay for utilities. Keeping these costs low for our families protects the innocent and rescues the poor from wickedness.
  2. The past two decades saw Colorado Springs solve a lot of long-term water problems but we must continue to acquire water rights, build and maintain water infrastructure, and make sure our citizens have water when they turn on their taps. Like Electricity, resilience and reliability can not be magically waved off by various agendas to retain a stable water grid. Keeping these costs low for our families protects the innocent and rescues the poor from wickedness.
  3. A huge problem in our city is human trafficking. Geographically, our city is close to the north-south and east-west intersection of I-70 and I-25. That means we will face even more serious human trafficking and drug problems in the years ahead. The 2020s will demand that we as a city respond to the requirement to protect the Innocent, defend the defenseless, and rescue the poor from wickedness. Our city must support our superb police with whole hearts in these efforts because they defend the defenseless.
  4. We are a Home Rule city in Colorado. That means we can resist the State government in Denver when their mandates are bad for the citizens of Colorado Springs. I will strive to use Home Rule to open up our city, businesses, and churches. I would also use Home Rule to associate consequences to Marijuana possession. Think about it. In spite of all the public uproar over the departure of Space Command, one of their quiet reasons is that they do not want their soldiers, sailors, marines. airmen, guardians and their families in a city that’s been wishy washy on legalizing recreational Marijuana – that some publicly said would happen after the Space Force decision was made. Like it or not, letting our city be wishy washy on Marijuana turned into a critical business decision for DoD and will continue to impact DoD and Commercial business decisions by employers deciding whether or not to place employees and families in a place that either robustly keeps recreational marijuana away from our children and citizens or is wishy washy until its legalized. Another topic to which I would apply Home Rule is resisting environmental dictates that actually hinder our desire for diverse power generation. Future issues we might have to resist with Home Rule could be tighter attempts to force closures of churches by Denver mandate and threats to our 2nd Amendment rights. My bottom line on Home Rule is: To protect our citizens’ freedom, our churches, citizens’ businesses from the current shutdowns mandated by the Governor, and our families, it is PAST time for our city to flex its muscles as a home rule city in Colorado.

“Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness begin at conception.”

– Jay Inman in “God is Woke

Giving Back to my City

We moved to Colorado Springs in 2003, and to our home in City District 2 in 2012. I retired from the Army in 2008 and currently work in Microsoft Federal as a Digital Architect. From the Army to now, I commanded a Field Artillery Howitzer Battery, served as the GS-14 Chief Engineer and Chief Technical Officer at NORAD – US NORTHCOM, and I’ve built backbones and server farms on the Euphrates, across Central Asia, to the Rocky Mountains.

I’m married to my bride and best friend of 38 years, Jan Inman. We have four kids, two great sons-in-law, and two grandkids. We hope for more grandkids! My 95 year old father-in-law lives with us and he is an amazing man, veteran of World War II, and retired Electrical Engineer. His perspectives are intensely wise. We have been actively serving our community since moving here, primarily at Mountain Springs Church and now at The Road at Chapel Hills. My wife and I counsel families, teach Bible classes, and love to mentor young couples as they consider marriage.

I’ve written and published 13 books on Amazon and last fall, wrote and published “God is Woke” with my bride. We are currently working on our second joint book, “Jesus Loved You before You were Cool.”

I am passionate about making our City a better place for our children – and for the future – by giving back to this great City we call home.

For more, please check my LinkedIn page at: www.linkedin.com/in/jay-inman


As a retired Army officer and Microsoft Digital Architect, Jay wrote “The Next 25 Years on DOD Enterprise Networks“, “State of the Air Force Information Network – 2020: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” and currently is the Architect at Cannon AFB for the Microsoft Network as a Service pilot for the Air Force.

He is the President and Lead Editor of AreULost Press and helps new authors get published.

20 years in the Army, to include a combat tour in Iraq building the Balad Data center, overlaps Jay’s nearly 30 years in IT and Enterprise Engineering. He has a Bachelor in History from Texas Tech and a Master’s in History from New Mexico State University.


Jay’s professional life ranges across 20 years in the Army, including multiple commands and a combat tour in Iraq building Server farms and network backbones, to ten years at Microsoft and leading multiple efforts at DoD customers. Throughout, Jay works to lead and transform the lives of men and women as we defend our nation.


Jay’s story of transforming his own life as a child of God, husband, father, soldier, counselor and mentor, and Microsoft employee, points at a full and successful life and is the inspiration behind his topics around teaching and mentoring others that it is possible to do the same through faith, hard work, and education.


In the 2017, 2019, and 2021 city elections, the city sent out over 300,000 ballots. Yet, around 1 person in 4 returned those ballots as votes. We can do much better than this! We must change this trend in 2023 by voting. If you don’t like the last four years of infill, rezoning, lane dieting, poor materials used to repair our roads and decision to close Drake, then YOU need to vote in order to change city council.