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Health, safety and welfare, protected in a free society.  This is the charge of each and every local official, including our City Council members.  It is vitally important that Council members who make policy decisions regarding businesses, property rights, planning, public safety, energy, critical infrastructure, healthcare and more, understand that they work to support the […]

The Rest of the Story…

The Reporter seemed to focus on parks and infill projects – trivial pursuit things in a city facing electrical generation issues, DoD presence perhaps backing away from our city as marijuana seems closer to legal recreational use, and the dire need to take off masks and open up our churches, businesses, and schools for the sake of our families.

Colorado Springs City Council Candidate Survey

Colorado Springs City Council Candidate Survey Candidate name:  Jay Inman                                                    District:  2 Website:  Jay Inman for Colorado Springs City Council – Giving Back to our City ( Date:  18 Feb 2021 Do you support or oppose increasing taxes or fees, or the establishment of new taxes and fees? If you support increasing taxes and […]

Answering Questions

Questions for City Council candidates, 2021: Presenting as my Contract with City District 2 and our city. 1. Why are you running for City Council? My politics are simple in our increasingly complex city and country: Protect the Innocent, Defend the Defenseless, and Rescue the poor from Wickedness. I am running for City Council in […]