Health, safety and welfare, protected in a free society.  This is the charge of each and every local official, including our City Council members.  It is vitally important that Council members who make policy decisions regarding businesses, property rights, planning, public safety, energy, critical infrastructure, healthcare and more, understand that they work to support the citizens who elect them and to boldly protect a free and safe community.  Jay Inman understands and views these matters through a lens of service and freedom and his voice is desperately needed on our City Council.  Jay is a highly intelligent person who’s service to this nation, freedom principles, faith, business experience and common sense are exactly what we need at this time in history.  This is no time for “safe” leadership or for fear.  This is a time for freedom leadership.  

I spent years in elected office working to protect individual rights and to reduce the governmental burden on the citizens of El Paso County, including working with our City Council, and I know that Colorado Springs needs Jay Inman.  Please join me in supporting Jay Inman for City Council, District 2.    

Amy Lathen

El Paso County Commissioner, District 2:  2008-2016 

Lou Goeas