Open Up our City

Letter to the Editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette

Open up our City!

We are a Home Rule city in Colorado. Here’s what that means in the Colorado Constitution, Article XX, section 6, Home Rule for Cities and Towns:

A city or town vested with Home Rule authority in Colorado shall always have the power to make, amend, add to, or replace the charter of said city or town and shall be its organic law. Charter and ordinances made in such matters shall supersede within the territorial limits of said city and town any law of the state in conflict therewith.

That means we can resist the State government in Denver when their mandates are bad for the citizens of Colorado Springs. The biggest example in front of our faces is opening up our city, businesses, and churches in a Scamdemic rigged to never end. Masks, vaccines, and social distancing should be individual choices, not unlegislated mandates. Locking down businesses and restaurants to 25% occupancy is ludicrous and destructive.

In early 2020 pre-Covid quarantines, the US small business administration listed Colorado at 653,639 small businesses that employed 1.1 million Coloradans.

Today, according to Goebler Resources for Entrepreneurs, Colorado has 493,886 small businesses.

That means almost 30% have closed their doors permanently. Of those still open, according to Federal Estimates, another third are in serious financial difficulty and releasing employees. This is a cost to families and businesses in Colorado Springs and across Colorado that is horrific. Add to that church lockdowns and our state is denying both a constitutional guaranteed freedom and a Biblical mandate to not forsake the assembly of the righteous. No, zoom and YouTube broadcasts are not worship and fellowship.

To protect our citizens’ freedom, our churches, businesses, and our families from the current shutdowns mandated by the Governor, it is PAST time for our city to flex its muscles as a Home Rule city in Colorado and OPEN UP! The supposed cure of lock down, masks, and vaccines are far worse than the disease.

Jay Inman

Candidate for City Council District 2

9235 N Union Blvd STE 150, #387

Colorado Springs CO 80920

(719) 722-0214